Easy Ways To Cut Calories From Your Diet

If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, one of the ways your doctor may have recommended managing and improving your symptoms, may be weight loss.

Cutting calories and losing weight can be difficult - and it can be a constant struggle for many of us. The truth is, eating healthier can be an effort and it can take time and head-space to ensure you’re cooking & buying the right things.

Here are a few tips to help you easily cut down on calories:

Tip 1: Look for lower-calorie options

Sound simple, but many of us forget to simply look for lower calorie options. For example, if you’re a carb-lover, did you know you can now buy ‘bagel thins’ which are slightly smaller than normal bagels, and half the calories of normal bagels too? Think about swapping out your full-fat version for half fat versions too - usually they don’t taste any different, and when added together, the difference can make a big change.

Tip 2: Cut out meat a few days a week

If you can cut out meat from a few of your meals each week - you’ll likely cut down on quite a few calories. Try replacing meat with lentils or beans or try out vegetarian alternatives such as tofu or quorn.

Tip 3: Don’t keep snacks in the house

If you know you have a vice or a weakness - just don’t buy them! We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s much easier to avoid something if you don’t buy it in the first place. If you have a treat drawer or a cheat cupboard full of tasty treats - empty it out so you won’t be tempted.

Tip 4: Cut down on condiments

There are loads of low-sugar sauces available now, and even some super low-calories sauces too. These are a great option for adding extra flavour - especially over the full-fat versions.

Tip 5: Switch to diet sodas (or cut out fizzy drinks)

If you still drink full-fat coca cola, or if you drink sugary cordials like Ribena, you could be drinking between 100 and 400 calories a day! Just cutting this out and replacing them with sugar-free versions or diet versions could really have an impact on your calorie deficit at the end of the week.