Natural Treatments for PCOS

For those of you who prefer the natural or holistic approach to treating PCOS, there are several things you can do to fight hormonal imbalances.  These natural remedies are much less invasive and can have a significant impact on restoring regular menses and a positive influence on one's overall health.

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 Watch Your Calories

The number of calories you eat as well as when you consume them is critical to managing PCOS.  Since menstrual cycles are affected by hormone imbalances, it’s important to know what foods support your endocrine system and when to eat those foods to improve your glucose and insulin levels and decrease testosterone. 

Studies have shown that women who eat most of their calories at breakfast decreased their testosterone by half.  If your calorie intake is 1,800 a day, then approximately 54 per cent or 980 calories should be consumed in the morning.  Avoiding foods with AGEs (advanced glycation end products) such as those that are processed and animal derived, has been proven to reduce insulin levels in women with PCOS.

Taking the Proper Supplements

Several supplements on the market will help with PCOS.  Omega 3 is good for a variety of things, one of which is helping a woman with PCOS regulate her menstrual flow.  The androgen levels in the body are decreased when taking Omega 3 and it's the androgen or male hormone that can cause excessive hair growth, among other issues that target women with PCOS.  Magnesium supplements also help women who are insulin resistant, and calcium and vitamin D contribute to regulating the menstrual cycle, which is the primary cause of infertility in women with PCOS.

These natural ways to fight the symptoms of PCOS won’t cure it, but they sure will give you a head start on a better tomorrow.