Self Care in the Winter

Self-care is an especially important practice in an individual’s life. Taking the time to slow your life down a little not only provides you with better self-esteem, but also enhances both your physical and mental health.

Practicing self-care is especially vital in those that suffer with polycystic-ovary syndrome (PCOS) because of the way the condition can affect a woman’s life. Paired with the winter, both PCOS and the cold conditions can have an adverse effect on those trying to stay positive as the chill sets in. Here’s how to take care of yourself in the colder seasons:'

What are the benefits of self-care?

The Happy Journal identifies that self-care gives us five benefits in our lives and they are: a better relationship with ourselves, more positive thinking, a more productive and motivated attitude, a high level of engagement, and finally a better resistance against fatigue and illness. A simple act of self-care can reduce stress levels and alleviate all the negative thoughts, especially those caused by polycystic-ovary syndrome. Stress can lead to illnesses, and if you eliminate it, you can live a more healthy and productive life.

One PCOS sufferer stated, ‘nothing has made me more healed than surrounding myself with good quality people’. Sometimes you need to address the little things, before you take on the bigger aspects in your lifestyle.

How can I practice self-care in the winter?

The winter season can limit or alter a lot of things that you’d normally do. You could go for a walk in the park, but you’d have to wrap up extremely well before walking out the door. Seeing daylight is a great self-care practice, so it is vital you take the time to go outside, even if it is freezing! You could use this excuse to go to the gym and work out – it not only gets you outside the house, but the exercise also improves your wellbeing and mood!

If you want to avoid the cold temperatures one afternoon, why don’t you get creative and draw the winter evenings instead? You could get inspired by the weather outside and write a poem or a short story about an eerie winter’s night!

Escape the cold and run yourself a hot bath. Light some candles and dim the bathroom lights. If you want to be productive, take in an old book you’ve been meaning to finish and unwind while reading. Alternatively, make yourself a nice hot drink and relax on the sofa with your favourite TV shows.

Treat yourself to a nice meal that’s both nutritious and delicious. Either find a recipe online or get creative yourself!

If the day’s been all too much, do not feel bad for saying ‘no’ to your plans and staying in instead. You should never feel guilty for wanting to go to bed early, instead of meeting up with friends or family. Explain how you feel and get a good rest as a replacement. Bears hibernate in the winter, so why can’t you have a few nights in?


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