Understanding your body and what it
needs to feel in balance is the first step....

How It Started...

My name is Leila Martyn, finally a mum to two boys after being diagnosed with PCOS and suffering five years of fertility issues and recurrent miscarriage. My journey started at university when after years of inconsistent cycles I finally got round to getting myself checked out with my GP. After rounds of blood tests I was finally diagnosed with PCOS, although at 19 the news wasn’t delivered to me particularly sensitively. All I remember is ‘you’ll find it difficult to have children’. Of course I was devastated, but seeing as I wasn’t planning on having children any time soon, I put it to the back of my mind and carried on living my life, dealing with the unpredictable periods or often none at all for months. 

Fast forward fifteen years and those words of my GP were coming back to haunt me and ringing loud and clear. I was 34 years old and finally ready to start trying for a baby. I didn’t fall pregnant immediately in fact, it took months and months and months. Then when I finally got the positive test, I started bleeding a week later. And so it would continue. Over the next five years, I would experience six miscarriages between 6 and 19 weeks. It was a hugely tumultuous time, with periods where I literally felt like I couldn’t continue trying and failing to have a baby.

Just Bad Luck?

After another miscarriage, I just couldn’t hear another explanation that it was ‘just bad luck’ and that we needed to ‘just keep trying’. I knew that I was now in the 1% of women who suffer over four miscarriages and surely it couldn’t just be bad luck. Rather than sit around being upset (although I definitely did do a lot of that), I decided to start researching recurrent miscarriage especially in relation to PCOS. I knew that having PCOS resulted in low egg quality, so decided to find a solution – there’s always a solution right?

My Lightbulb Moment

I finally came across a natural food supplement called myo-inositol. There were hundreds of studies backing up it’s effectiveness of treating PCOS, in particular improving egg quality in women with PCOS. I was intrigued. Since taking it I felt better, happier and my cycles finally ran like clockwork. Maybe this was the answer I had been looking for and how many other women could also benefit from this amazing natural food supplement.  So to take my mind of things, I started researching supplement suppliers and packaging companies. It felt good having something else to focus on other than my current situation and waiting for my period to start... or not.

New Beginnings

We finally decided as our last chance saloon we would see a doctor who specialises in recurrent miscarriage. I didn’t give it much hope, but knew we had to try everything. Miraculously I managed to fall pregnant quickly for the first time under his care and with the assistance of steroids and intralipids. His diagnosis was that I had high NK cells which were attacking the baby every time I fell pregnant. In 2017 I finally gave birth to my rainbow baby Louie, with his brother Luca arriving under two years later…. 

We finally launched MyOva when I pregnant with my eldest son and I feel so lucky that something so amazing has come from such a challenging experience. I honestly feel overwhelmed by some of the messages we receive from women who's lives we have changed.