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Myo-inositol: The good stuff

Every story needs a hero. Ours? Myo-inositol. This amazing B type vitamin can be taken to balance hormonal and menstrual health.

Not only is it gentle on your body, it supports healthy blood sugar levels ­– reassuring for people with PCOS (even if they’re a healthy weight).

What’s more, it occurs naturally in the body as well as in certain fruits, beans, grains and nuts. That’s why, along with carefully selected vitamins and minerals, it’s the bedrock of all our supplements.

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  • "Cannot be happier that I finally found MyOva. It's really helped me in so many different ways. Highly recommended!"

  • "I feel so much better within myself. I would definitely recommend to anyone to at least try and see if MyOva can help you too."

Meet our brand ambassador

Jodie Relf, Registered Dietician

Jodie studied a BSc in Dietetics at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.

After being diagnosed with PCOS in her early twenties and getting incredibly frustrated with the lack of evidence based advice and treatment, she decided to make PCOS her focus.

Jodie works with her clients to help them develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and how it is affected by PCOS.


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