Say goodbye to stigma

Living with PCOS can affect every area of your life. From your emotional health and self-esteem to your body image and how confident you feel (or don’t feel) about sex.

The effects are physical or psychological, hidden or there for the world to see. It’s a tough combination, as if you’re battling an enemy that’s always one step ahead.

But at MyOva, our mission is to kick any shame and stigma to the wall – so you can get the support you need.


When it comes to living with a life-changing condition, it isn’t just enough to treat the physical symptoms. It’s essential to tend to your mental wellbeing and any hurt you may have suffered, whether that’s years of feeling isolated or not being supported by those around you.

That’s why we take a 360-degree approach to wellness, so that every part of you can feel healed, heard and whole.

Say hello to Leila

Hi, I’m the founder of MyOva. I'm so excited you found us! My own experiences with PCOS inspired me to create a company that can make a real, day-to-day difference to people’s lives.

You can read about my story and how I turned my pain into purpose here

Feel seen when you have felt silenced;

Embrace the beauty of your being;

Be happy and whole again.

Our Supplements

We’re putting the power back in your hands.

Our range of supplements lets you choose how you regulate, restore and reclaim your physical and mental wellbeing. Formulated by experts and designed to target those hardworking hormones, each supplement is a careful balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

We are the one in ten

As we know, the problems caused by PCOS are very, very real. But all too often they’re misdiagnosed, misunderstood or completely ignored.

In fact, one in ten women are affected by PCOS, meaning one in ten women potentially face these problems alone.

Strength in numbers

Our online community is designed to bringing together people who suffer from PCOS, it’s a place for help and healing. Where you can find guidance and support, read stories by inspiring PCOS warriors, or just have a good chat with someone who understands.

And if you sign up to our monthly journal, you’ll also get plenty of lifestyle and wellness tips, as well as empowering expert advice.