The MyOva Story

Like many women in the UK, Leila was struggling to deal her PCOS. She had tried various treatments prescribed by her doctor but often these had unwanted side effects such as stomach pain, nausea and tiredness. Finally in 2016 after a long and fruitless search to find a natural way to improve her life, Leila decided to create her own solution and MyOva was born.

Like one in five women in the UK I have struggled with PCOS for years and was unhappy with the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by my doctor. I started  MyOva to create a brand which spreads awareness of this important women's health issue and provide useful information and lifestyle advice . Moving forward our aim is to educate and empower every woman who suffers from PCOS and develop a complete range of complementary natural food supplements that will help them lead happier and healthier lives".


"According to the NHS, one in five women in the
UK suffer from PCOS"


“Our first product MyOva myo-plus is an all-natural food supplement that combines myo-inositol, folate and chromium which comes in an easy to swallow tablet and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians".

If you’re a MyOva success story, let us know.   


 Bottle of MyOva PCOS supplement on a slate with root vegetables and seeds