Tips for Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy with PCOS

When you’ve decided to start trying for a baby, you’ll want to do everything possible to ensure your body is happy and healthy and ready to take such a big journey. Whether you have PCOS or not, these tips will help you get your body into the right place pre-pregnancy.

Introduce Gentle Exercise

If you don’t already exercise, now is the time to start introducing some gentle moves to your daily routine. You don’t need to be hitting the gym every day, but gradually upping your heart rate and getting more active will benefit you hugely.

Swimming is a great exercise that’s also low impact (and relaxing) and yoga has multiple mind and body benefits too. Here are some simple yoga poses you could try:

  • Legs up the wall
  • Double pigeon
  • Butterfly
  • Reclining bound angle pose
  • Open-legged forward bend
  • Hip circles

Start Taking Pre-Pregnancy Supplements

We have specific supplements at MyOva that will help you pre-pregnancy, so we recommend taking a look at these in our online shop.

It’s so important to start taking these supplements before you get pregnant (in the try-to-conceive stage) because they start helping your body prepare for such a big change in a natural way.

Stop Using Retinol Products

Lots of modern skin care have Retinol as a key ingredient, and whilst these products do work wonders for your skin and complexion - they can be harmful to a fetus during pregnancy. Because retinol can stay in your system for day or weeks after use, it’s important to stop taking it as soon as you start trying for a baby.

Ease Off Alcohol, & Stop Smoking

Once you get pregnant you’ll have to stop drinking and smoking, so it’s good to start that journey and make that change earlier if you can. Studies have shown that reducing both of these behaviors can improve conception chances, and improve the health of the fetus during pregnancy too.

Get Plenty of Sleep & Relax!

Stress and lack of sleep can hold your body back, and take its toll on your positivity, mood and functioning organs. Trying for a baby can be stressful - but it’s important you try and stay relaxed, and prioritize getting good sleep each night. This way, your body wakes up recharged and ready to go!

Visit The Dentist

Gum disease is linked to preterm labour a low birth weight in babies. Ensure that you schedule a visit to your dentist and have the issue resolved before you get pregnant.



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