Good Habits to Pick Up, That May Help You Conceive

We all know how difficult it is to change your lifestyle overnight. Things take time to become habit and come naturally - but eventually you’ll get there. Here are some healthy habits you can start now - that may help you conceive later.

Habit 1: Track everything!

If you don’t already, when you’re trying to conceive, it’s time to start tracking everything! There are loads of apps you can get that track everything little thing your body does - and these can really help shed some light on how your body is functioning and what time of the month it is. Tracking your periods, PMS, cramps, temperature… They’re all key indications of ovulation and conception, and once you understand your body’s language everything starts fitting into place much more easily.

Habit 2: Start taking supplements

Taking supplements is a fantastic habit to get into, because it allows you to start supporting your body in natural and beneficial ways. It’s obvious that when you fall pregnant you start should start taking supplements, but really - you should ideally start taking them when you’re trying to conceive. Supplements such as MyOva can encourage your body to conceive, and can help make your body a healthier environment for a baby to grow in.

Habit 3: Morning meditation

Lots of women fail to conceive because they’re stressed or too mentally-caught-up in the process of trying for a baby. Fertility experts all seem to advocate that a healthy mind, and a clear head can encourage conception. So push your stress away and concentrate on being mindful and calm. It’ll be great for your mental health, and a relaxed mind, means a healthy body.

Habit 4: Regular walking

Regular exercise is always beneficial, and if you can start regularly walking each day, you’ll keep your body awake, alert and healthy. Just 30 minutes of walking each day can also encourage a better metabolism too - which can help with weight loss. If you’ve found your weight to be a reason for struggling to conceive, this is definitely something you can do that is a step in the right direction.

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