PCOS Meals: 6 Low Carb Recipes For Hormone Health

If you have PCOS, you are probably battling with some tricky symptoms, including spots and acne, hair growth and fluctuating energy levels.

One of the best ways to keep these problems at bay is with your diet. Fuelling your body appropriately is so important for those with PCOS, as we need enough of the right nutrients to support hormone levels, including insulin and testosterone, as well as to avoid energy dips that contribute to fatigue.

Carbohydrates, in particular, have a significant impact on insulin levels. Consuming high amounts of carbs can lead to insulin resistance, a common problem in PCOS. This resistance can exacerbate PCOS symptoms, making it harder to manage the condition.

However, it's not just about reducing carb intake. The quality of carbs matters too. Opting for complex carbs over simple ones can help maintain steady blood sugar levels, reducing insulin spikes and potentially alleviating PCOS symptoms. Therefore, a low-carb diet, rich in high-quality carbs, can be a very beneficial lifestyle change for those with PCOS.

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Many weight loss diets, often promoted as low calorie, are actually high in carbohydrates. These diets can cause severe fluctuations in blood sugar levels, further aggravating insulin resistance and PCOS symptoms. Therefore, it's crucial to be discerning when choosing foods for your diet. Instead of completely eliminating carbs, which is neither sustainable nor healthy, opt for slow carbs or low Gi carbohydrates. These types of carbs release energy slowly, helping to stabilise blood glucose levels and insulin production.

Incorporating regular, balanced meals and snacks into your diet can also help manage insulin levels. Adding protein and fats to low GI carbohydrates can reduce the overall impact on blood sugar levels, a concept known as glycaemic load (GL). The best low carb recipes for PCOS are packed with healthy fats, protein, and a source of fibrous carbs to support energy levels and hormonal health.  This not only helps keep blood sugar levels stable but also keeps you satiated for longer, reducing cravings.

A plate of sushi to-go is delicious every so often (especially if it contains omega-rich salmon, a nutrient shown to support metabolic health in people with PCOS), but these alternatives focus on wholegrains rather than simple carbohydrates for improved blood sugar.

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Here are some of the best PCOS friendly, low carb recipe ideas from around the web

Spicy Chicken And Chickpeas

With two sources of protein and loads of fibre, this low GI meal is a quick lunch you can make at home or meal-prep for the week ahead.

Try this recipe by Her Highness Hungry Me

High Protein Tuna Salad

Yes, you can eat bread if you have PCOS. Choosing a seedy, crunchy loaf over a white slice will lower the GI, and seafood is also high in antioxidant selenium, a nutrient shown to support symptoms of PCOS. 

Try this recipe by Walder Wellness

Edamame Mango Salad 

Edamame is a plant-based protein that makes this delicious vegan meal satisfying enough to keep you going all afternoon.

Try this recipe by Running on Real Food

One Pan Chicken And Vegetable Bake

With three different vegetables and a low-salt seasoning, this warming recipe will support your body into sleep.

Try this recipe by Eatwell 101

Teriyaki Salmon Buddha Bowl

Salmon is a great source of omega-3 and other healthy fats, and the wholegrain rice and variety of vegetables help give this meal a lower GI.

Try this recipe by Healthful Blondie

Mexican Quinoa 

A vegan option that contains a decent amount of protein thanks to the black beans and quinoa, mixed together with avocado for fats.

Try this recipe by Damn Delicious

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