Alternative Supplements To Help Manage Your PCOS

MyOva is a natural food supplement, found to be especially helpful as an alternative treatment for women with PCOS who might not have been responsive to other remedies. It complements the needs of vegetarians and vegans and contains three primary elements that should be occurring naturally in the body. 

Folic acid, chromium and myo-inositol for PCOS

These items are folic acid, chromium, and myo-inositol, all blended in a convenient pill form called Myoplus. It has no unpleasant taste and, more importantly, none of the harsh side effects of other alternative treatments.  Because PCOS depletes the body of myo-inositol, causing a woman to become resistant to insulin, MyOva is an excellent solution—and, it's all natural.

Alternatives to Metformin for PCOS

Unlike MyOva's natural healing elements, there is another alternative medication called Metformin. Although it reduces insulin resistance and increases the body's ability to ovulate, it comes with some pretty heavy side effects such as chronic diarrhoea, stomach cramps, uncomfortable bloating and frequent feelings of nausea. 

Chromium for PCOS

Chromium is also a good alternative for the treatment of PCOS. Foods containing significant amounts of chromium are broccoli, carrots, whole grain foods and potatoes. You can also take chromium supplements; in doses of 300 mg or less, chromium has few if any adverse effects.

The best way to treat PCOS

With all the natural alternatives and medicines, one of the easiest and healthiest ways to treat PCOS is just to get out of that chair and lead a more active lifestyle. It’s nothing short of miraculous what regular exercise will do to prevent and even reverse the body’s resistance to insulin and improve a woman’s fertility, appearance, and overall health. Couple an excellent exercise program with a supplement like Myoplus, and you’ll be well on your way to kicking PCOS to the curb.

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