Essential Things You Must Know About PCOS

If you’re living with PCOS, or maybe if you’ve just been diagnosed - there are several things you should know about what it means and how it affects you.

Knowing more about PCOS and how it affects your body can give you a deeper understanding of how to feel better, how to combat some of the symptoms, and how to still feel confident and comfortable despite it.

Weight loss is difficult but not impossible

Losing weight with PCOS is hard, but it’s not something that is impossible. You may require a stricter diet, or you may require the help of supplements, but it is possible to lose weight - so don’t lose hope.

PCOS can make you feel tired

PCOS is often linked with chronic inflammation, and many women with PCOS often complain of feeling tired or abnormally achey.

It is possible to fall pregnant naturally with PCOS

Many women are warned of fertility issues when they’re diagnosed with PCOS - and whilst fertility can be a struggle for many women - lots of women with PCOS go on to successfully conceive. There are supplement (such as MyOva) that can help aid conception, and many food that can help encourage conception too.

PCOS can cause cravings

If you regularly experience food cravings, don’t worry - this is a normal part of PCOS. It doesn’t need to determine anything though, and you can control your craving successfully. Helping resolve your insulin levels, to help get your underlying PCOS hormones under control, you’ll notice your cravings getting better and less obvious.

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