Is There A Cure For PCOS?

Unfortunately, there are various treatments for PCOS but no cure. It’s a disease that has puzzled medical professionals for years, with its unknown cause and even more elusive cure.

Can PCOS be cured permanently?

Unfortunately not. Without a proven cure, many women who are unresponsive to recommended treatments are left to suffer PCOS health risks and related symptoms for a lifetime. Women with PCOS experience disrupted or absent menstrual cycles, a resistance to insulin, and high levels of androgens or male hormones that cause excessive hair growth.  

It is such a common issue with women of child-bearing age that one out of five females will experience its impact in their lives. One of the most common symptoms of PCOS is an imbalance of hormones that prevents the woman from ovulating and slows her metabolism. If left untreated, it can negatively influence a woman’s overall emotional and physical health as well as alter her appearance.

What helps with PCOS?

No magic pill or surgery can completely restore the woman to her previously hormonal balance. However, through the consistent use of proven drugs, significant lifestyle changes that promote healthier eating and activity habits PCOS can be effectively managed. By constant monitoring to ensure proper hormonal levels, women are taught how to adjust their medications or holistic remedies to maintain hormonal balance.

As a woman who suffers daily from PCOS, know that your journey to better health and balance must be taken one step at a time toward a future PCOS cure. If we are just ten steps away from finding a cure, the five steps you take toward fighting the symptoms will get you that much closer to your goal.

Before any physicians can find a more favourable treatment or cure for PCOS, it's up to PCOS sufferers to stand courageously in the face of seemingly impossible odds, determined to continue the search for a PCOS free future.   

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