Low Carb Recipes for a PCOS Diet

Women with PCOS can struggle with a lot of different symptoms caused by the condition, such as excessive hair growth, weight gain, irregular menstrual periods, acne and the inability to get pregnant. However, it has been suggested that one of the best ways to counteract these symptoms and issues is by sticking to a low carb diet.

Dieting isn’t easy for anyone. The temptation, the relapse and the need for energy are all common signs that everyone experiences when they’re trying to cut down on a certain food group. You’ll start to look at bread in an entirely way. That’s why we’ve provided you with some top and tasty low carb options for your PCOS diet, that will make you forget how much you’re missing pasta…and potatoes.


A low carb breakfast waves goodbye to toast and hello to eggs. Think omelettes, homemade waffles and delectable pancakes!

Instead of pre-bought waffles, try making your own. The Diet Doctor have an amazing selection of recipes for a low carb morning, including the banana waffles. All you need is a banana, four eggs, ¾ almond milk, ¾ coconut flour, 1 tbsp psyllium husk powder, 1 pinch salt, 1 tsp baking powder, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp ground cinnamon and coconut oil or butter for frying. Simply mix all the ingredients together and fry it up in a pan.


Whether you’re at home or in the office, a low carb lunch can require minimal effort. Just put a keto twist on your usual Caesar or Niçoise salad. Replace the potatoes with turnips and rid your lunch of the croutons. Don’t skimp out on the cheese and make sure to have a really taste dressing.


A low carb diet doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to goodies. The crust of a keto pizza can just be four eggs and shredded cheese mixed in a bowl, put into the oven and cooked until golden. This emits all the carbs that come with pre-made pizza bases or ones that require flour. There’s also now low carb and low calorie alternatives to bread like, lo-dough, that can be used to make pizzas and wraps. This is great for those that don’t have time to prepare dinner, but want a healthy option instead.

A Low Carb Dessert Dream

My PCOS Kitchen provides us all with delicious keto recipes, all low in carbs but not low in taste! If you wanted to treat you and your family to an after-dinner treat, My PCOS Kitchen has got the perfect selection of desserts for you to choose from.

From sugar free, low carb keto avocado brownies that are both dairy and gluten free, to low carb keto muffins with blackberries. There’s even an option for a healthy, low carb New York cheesecake!

The trick to a low carb diet isn’t about cutting out foods altogether, it’s about finding replacements. There are a lot of recipes you can still use, but you’d just have to look for alternative, low carb ingredients instead. For example, when baking a cake, you could swap out the plain flour for coconut or almond flour.