The Benefits of The MyOva Reward Scheme

In the modern world, the cost of health, wellbeing and self-care measures can often reach surprisingly high levels of expense. For many of us, these supplements and procedures and treatments are non-negotiable and enable us to live our lives more comfortably and with a great sense of confidence and control. At MyOva, we appreciate the importance that our products have in our customers’ lives and, as such, we’ve got a fabulous reward scheme for our members to help bring those costs down occasionally.

We setup this scheme to help our ladies to feel more secure in spending money on vital supplements which have been proven to ease the symptoms and effects of living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Supplements which support women who have PCOS to have better ovarian function, better organ function, to keep up their vitamin and mineral levels, and simply enable a higher quality of life with reduced PCOS symptoms. We understand that, for many of you, these supplements are an essential part of your wellbeing routine and, whilst their cost may be a factor for many of you, we are determined to support you as much as we can. Enter our members reward scheme:

We’ve devised a whole host of different ways for you to earn reward points (and lots of them are easily done right away!) and the more points you earn, the more money you can earn in vouchers off your purchases from MyOva and the easier your cost of PCOS care becomes! Some examples of things you can do include:

  • Following us on Twitter (worth 20 points), Instagram (worth 40 points), or liking us on Facebook (worth 20 points)
  • Sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter (worth 50 points apiece)
  • Earning 1 point for every £1 you spend on your MyOva orders
  • 200 points for just signing up
  • Gaining 200 points when it’s your birthday, as a special gift – just for having been born!

As you can see, it’s easy to begin racking up MyOva reward points and you’ll quickly find yourself earning enough to claim money off your orders:

  • 500 points is worth £5 off
  • 1000 points is worth either a £10 voucher off or 25% off your order – you can decide which is better value for you
  • 2500 points is worth £25 off

So, not only is it easy to achieve but the rewards are definitely worth having too. We didn’t want to make it difficult for you to achieve our rewards because our mission is to support women suffering from PCOS no matter what and we believe these rewards make that even easier to achieve! The sign up is easy too – just a few simple questions and no cost to get you started – so you can begin earning points right away.

If you have found that our brilliant product range has made a huge difference to your life with PCOS then our reward scheme is about to make that even easier for you again. Sign up today and get saving!

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