The Myths of Polycystic-Ovary Syndrome

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with polycystic-ovary syndrome, are currently experiencing symptoms of the condition, or have had PCOS for a number of years, there are a lot of questions and worries you must have as a sufferer.

We’re here to dispel the myths surrounding polycystic-ovary syndrome, so you have a few less things to worry about. Don’t let your condition control you, take back your life with MyOva.

Losing weight, can cure it

This myth can be particularly harmful to your health, especially as your weight may not be the factor causing it. There is currently no cure for polycystic-ovary syndrome, there are simply only ways to reduce the effects of the symptoms. However, losing weight can help alleviate some of the negative impacts PCOS can have on your body, including weight gain and hormone imbalance.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help to regulate your hormone levels, and losing weight is just a bonus benefit of this!

Only overweight people suffer from PCOS

Polycystic-ovary syndrome can affect women of all shapes and sizes. However, being overweight can worsen your symptoms because of the PCOS-sufferer’s body not being able to utilise insulin normally. Thus it’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

PCOS is a rare condition to have

When you first get diagnosed with polycystic-ovary syndrome, you may be terrified as it may be a condition you’ve never heard of before, or you may have only read it in association with infertility. However, the more you talk about PCOS, the more you’ll find other women who suffer with the same condition and even more who’ve successfully fell pregnant and given birth to beautiful children!

Polycystic-ovary syndrome affects millions of women in the UK. With around one in ten women suffering from the condition, it’s important to know you’re not alone in your PCOS journey.

You can’t have children with PCOS

One of the biggest myths of polycystic-ovary syndrome is that because of the condition, you’ll never be able to have children. This isn’t true for everyone. There are lots of options available to sufferers, involving fertility treatments and medications that stimulate ovulation. For example, the MyOva range of natural food supplements have been developed to help get your body in the best possible place for when you try to conceive a baby. One of our products - MyOva myo-plus - is a food supplement that is designed for women with who wish to formulate normal ovarian function. It is a unique blend of three key ingredients that occur naturally in the body: Myo-Inositol, Folate and Chromium in an easy to swallow tablet.

You’ve caused it yourself

They still haven’t found a precise cause of polycystic-ovary syndrome, but there are factors, including genetics, that contribute to the condition. Women with PCOS also have insulin resistance, which causes the ovaries to produce too much testosterone, and interferes with normal ovulation. PCOS-sufferers also have a hormonal imbalance, but the exact reason for the changes is also unknown. The top thing to remember is that you are not to blame!

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