PCOS gift ideas for PCOS sufferers this Christmas

It’s the time for sharing! The holiday season is just around the corner – have you got everything you wanted for your loved ones yet? If not, don’t fret, we are here to help. 

Living with PCOS can be incredibly challenging, both physically and emotionally. But, as a caring family member or friend, you have the opportunity to make a difference and show your support.

We hope our list of stress-relieving Christmas presents can provide some inspiration and empower them to prioritize their physical and emotional well-being this holiday season. Remember, self-care is crucial when living with PCOS, and by supporting your loved one with helpful gifts, you can play a vital role in their journey towards better health and happiness.



Three Bottles of MyOva!

Obviously we couldn't write a Christmas gift list without mentioning MyOva. Myova's natural blend of ingredients can potentially relieve the hormonal imbalances that cause common issues such as irregular periods, acne, and weight fluctuations. Its support for reproductive health may also help women trying to conceive. We're clearly biased, but we believe this thoughtful gift will show your support for your bestie or loved one's journey towards wellness, and will help remind her that she is not alone in her battle against PCOS.

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A Spa Day

Women with PCOS can suffer under extreme amounts of stress due to the hormonal changes in their body and the distressing side effects of the condition. PCOS-sufferers could benefit from a day of relaxing and unwinding at a local spa. Invest some time and money into a spa day for your loved one – some can be pretty pricey, so you’re looking at spending around £100, but it’s definitely worth it for the tranquil after effects it will have on your PCOS-suffering significant other. You could take your girlfriend or wife yourself or buy a package for two, so they can take their best friend or mother.


Reflexology is an alternative type of medicinal therapy that involves pressure to the feet and hands. According to Madeleine Shaw, ‘PCOS can be helped enormously by having a course of treatment, also providing a sense of calm in the body can help balance the endocrine system and discourage PCOS.’ This means a course of reflexology treatment is a great gift to give your loved one, especially if you are trying to have a baby. Treatwell is a great website for finding a reflexoligist near you.

A Self-Care Package

One of the most important things a woman who suffers with PCOS should do is take care of herself. Self-care is such a valuable practice for anyone, but especially vital to individuals who suffer with the condition. Think about getting your loved one a few bits that will contribute to a self-care session. You could buy a hot chocolate set, a face pack, moisturiser, and even a pair of comfy socks and a dressing gown. Think about how your loved one relaxes, then buy things that will contribute to their rest. 

Sleep is also an important part of self-care, so you could buy presents that will help your girlfriend or wife get a good night’s rest. Gifts could include a pair of pyjamas, an eye mask or ear plugs. You could even consider buying your loved one a subscription for a sleeping app that will help them get some well-earned slumber.

We particularly love The White Company's "Wellness Hamper", which includes an electronic diffuser and their soothing scents Sleep, Calm, and Spa Restore, and comes in a lovely wicker basket. Combine this with a pair of their cashmere socks and a fluffy hot water bottle for the ultimate self care package!

Buy "Self Care Hamper"

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can create a calming and soothing environment and promote relaxation. An essential oil diffuser can help your loved one relax by filling her space with soothing scent combinations like lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus. There are plenty of options available here on Amazon however, for a touch of luxury, our favourite is Jo Malone’s cult classic Pomegranate Noir. It offers a delightful combination of spicy and fruity notes, with hints of red fruits, Casablanca lily, and smoky wood. Its balanced fragrance makes it suitable for any time of the year, but its warmth truly shines during those cozy autumn nights spent snuggled under a blanket, which leads us nicely on to our next suggestion.

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A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained popularity as they provide a cocoon-like feeling, which can be calming and relaxing making them the perfect gift for a woman with PCOS. Its gentle pressure promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and improves sleep quality, whilst he deep touch stimulation eases physical discomfort, such as bloating and cramps, associated with PCOS. Additionally, a weighted blanket creates a safe and comforting space, offering emotional support during challenging times. By gifting a weighted blanket, you provide a thoughtful gesture that shows care and understanding for her well-being.

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Yoga Mat

Yoga has been proven to be an excellent form of stress relief as it promotes mindfulness and relaxation. Gifting your loved one with a yoga mat could encourage her to start practicing yoga regularly, helping her improve her physical and mental health. There loads of different yoga matts out there to choose from but if you're willing to pay a bit extra for quality,  our favorite brand is Yogi Bare Paws. 

If you're a yoga enthusiast, you'll understand how frustrating it can be when your hands or feet slip during practice. Yogi Bare Paws have created the ultimate non slip grip range of yoga mats with an extra firm rubber surface that will keep you stable and secure in your poses. They provide better grip compared to a foam yoga mat, offering you the support you need during yoga, Bikram (Hot Yoga), Pilates, Meditation, and low-intensity exercise. Another feature we love are the body alignement and position guidelines to ensure you are in the right position, with hands and feet in the boxes at the end, which is particularly useful for beginners. Also, the mat is made from environmentally friendly, 100% natural PU rubber that's sustainable, non-toxic, and free of any harsh chemicals. 

Buy Yogi Pare Paws

Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books have become increasingly popular as a stress-reducing activity. Colouring can be a meditative practice that helps relax your loved one's mind and body. You find a great selection of colouring books at Waterstones however just for its sheer decadence, our favourite is the Vogue Colouring Book. 

The book showcases an exquisite collection of opulent ballgowns, elegant cocktail dresses, stylish suits, and striking accessories designed by renowned fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Chanel.

Accompanying captions provide fashion and style tips, offering a touch of humor and reflecting the original content from British VOGUE. The artworks within the book can be colored in to capture the essence of the inspiring images or embellished with personalized colors and patterns according to the reader's preference.

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Mindfulness and Meditation App Subscriptions

Meditation provides an opportunity for rest and relaxation, while also increasing self-awareness and mindfulness. It has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve mental well-being, and even regulate hormone levels. Meditation and mindfulness apps are handy for busy women with PCOS who don't have time to attend regular meditation classes. 

With a meditation app, your loved one can easily access guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques tailored to their specific needs. This gift will not only provide them with a moment of tranquility in their busy lives but also equip them with an invaluable tool to cope with the challenges that PCOS may bring.

Our two favourite apps to help your loved one find moments of peace and relaxation are Headspace or Calm.

Infrared Sauna Blanket

For someone with PCOS, an infrared sauna blanket can be a delightful and thoughtful present that offers relaxation, stress relief, muscle tension alleviation, and even improved sleep quality. Infrared sauna blankets are designed to promote deep relaxation by generating heat, which helps release tension from muscles. 

Many individuals with PCOS struggle with sleep disruptions, which can further impact overall health and well-being. However, the soothing heat provided by infrared sauna blankets has been known to promote more restful sleep. This blanket is a perfect stress-relieving gift for women with PCOS to help ease any physical discomfort they may be feeling.

Buy Infrared Sauna Blankets here

Bubble Bath

A warm bath with fragrant bubbles can help soothe your loved one and promote relaxation. A bubble bath with floral scents or natural essential oil fragrances like lavender or chamomile can be the perfect stress-relieving gift for women with PCOS.

For a touch of luxury, our go to is L'Occitane's bubble bath, enriched with Shea. Known for its nourishing properties, shea is great for softening the skin and preventing that feeling of dryness the some products leave. Its luscious, creamy texture transforms into a rich, generous foam on contact with water, for a moment of comfort and well-being.

Buy L'Occitane Shea Bubble Bath here

Herbal Tea Set

Herbal teas like chamomile, ginger, or peppermint can have a calming effect on nerves and help relieve stress and anxiety. A herbal tea set would be an excellent gift for your loved one to enjoy while winding down.

There are lot of herbal tea brands to choose from, however we always gravitate toward Pukka teas, just for the guaranteed quality and choice of different options. Plus they're usually available in your local supermarket! For us they are the shining stars in the universe of herbal beverages.

Not only are their teas meticulously crafted using organic herbs and ingredients sourced sustainably from their natural habitats but their dedication to purity ensures that each sip delivers the maximum potency of nature's healing power. Say goodbye to artificial additives, synthetic flavors, and artificial colors – Pukka teas are untainted and truly authentic.

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Guided Journal

Journaling is an excellent stress-reducing activity that provides introspection and self-awareness. A guided journal with prompts and writing exercises could be a thoughtful gift for women with PCOS who want to practice self-care and stress relief. When it comes to journaling our go-to is the "5 Minute Journal" by Intelligent Change. If you're new to gratitude journaling or have struggled to maintain a journaling habit in the past, don't worry!

The Five Minute Journal provides writing cues to set the flow and guide you through your gratitude practice. With an undated format, you can begin journaling whenever you're ready, making it a flexible and supportive tool for your mental wellness routine. It's thoughtfully designed and has a range of mental health-building exercises, such as weekly challenges, gratitude, daily highlights, inspirational quotes, daily affirmations, and self-reflection.

With enough pages to last for six months of daily gratitude journaling, this positivity journal can help you develop a habit of focusing your mind on the good rather than the difficulties, helping to nurture your emotional well-being.

Buy The Five Minute Journal

Health Tracking Tools

Help your loved one stay on top her PCOS by gifting her a health tracking device, such as a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, to monitor activity, sleep patterns, and more. A Health Tracking is a great present for a woman with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for several reasons. Firstly, PCOS is a complex condition that often requires diligent monitoring of various health markers such as menstrual cycles, weight, and symptoms. A health tracking tool can aid in keeping all the information organized, making it easier for the woman to understand patterns and potential triggers. Additionally, as hormonal imbalances are a major aspect of PCOS, monitoring these changes can be vital for managing symptoms effectively. Lastly, a health tracking tool can provide a sense of control, empowerment, and motivation, as it allows the woman to actively participate in her own healthcare journey. There are lots of different options for fitness trackers on Amazon, however at the luxury end of the market, we love the wide range of options and minimalist, Apple-esque design, of Withings health tracking products.

Buy Withings Health Tracking tools

Fitness Gear

Regular exercise can have a positive impact on PCOS symptoms, so encourage your loved one to stay active. Help her gear up with comfortable athletic clothing, a yoga mat, or fitness accessories like resistance bands or dumbbells. Our favourite fitness clothing brands are Lululemon and Sweaty Betty but we'd suggest going to Amazon for dumbells and resitsnce bands.

Cashmere Socks & Fluffy Hot Water Bottle

The gift of cashmere socks and a super fluffy hot water bottle can bring your partner or loved one not only physical warmth but also a sense of comfort and relaxation.

PCOS often presents with symptoms like irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, and abdominal pain and the softness and warmth of cashmere socks can provide a soothing sensation, keeping your feet cozy and helping to alleviate any discomfort or swelling. Additionally, the hot water bottle can ease the pain associated with menstrual cramps or abdominal discomfort. It's a gentle and luxurious way to apply heat therapy, allowing your loved one to find some relief.

Encased in sumptuously soft faux fur or curly natural sheepskin, White Company hot-water bottles are the ideal cosy companion on chilly nights plus they have a great selection of cashmere socks too!

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