Six At-Home Workouts We Love on YouTube

Working out at home is an easy way of fitting in exercise to your daily routine, without needing to leave the house (bonus during these cold winter months!). it not only saves time, but a lot of people feel more comfortable working out at home than they would working out at the gym.

Back in the day,  you would have to buy multiple fitness DVDs to have a big variety of workouts,  but now there are so many amazing fitness personalities on YouTube, you can just take your pick and search for the kind of workout you want to do each day.

It's great because every day you can potentially try a new kind of workout, and challenge your body and mind. Some days you may want to do a full-on cardio routine, but the next day you may want to focus on strength or mindfulness. Mixing your exercise routine up, is a great way to stay focused and stay interested.

Tips for finding the right workouts:

For beginners, or people new to working out at home, here are some tips of what to look for in a YouTube video:

Low impact workouts - These are great for anyone who struggles with joint pain, or anyone who is heavier than average and wants to keep things gentle and low impact.

Beginner guides - These workouts will usually guide you through the moves and give you extra instructions, so they work perfectly for anyone new to the fitness scene.

Gentle cardio - Cardio is great for anyone with PCOS, but gentle cardio is great for beginners too, as it won't push you quite as hard. Meaning less recovery time after. 

Our selections for you:

We've chosen the following six follow-along workouts which are an amazing place to start if working out at home is relatively new to you. These 6 workouts are beginner friendly, but should still challenge you and give you a great results.



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